Anisah is the one of the new characters in Tendangan Si Madun 2, and the daughter of Ms. Mariam.


Anisah has a completely different personality with her mother. She is not greedy like her mom does. She is cheerful, kind and sometimes can be stubborn but, she is still noble and good-hearted.


Anisah is the one of new characters in Tendangan Si Madun 2. She is the daughter of Ms. Mariam. In soccer, she is a very powerful player after learning soccer tricks from Madun. Martin is revealed to have a crush on her, only to be declined all time and Anisah tends to be more friendly with Madun. She is also one of the National Team of Golden Eagle. Anisah can be a very anticipated member, because she is very powerful. In the former episodes, she is banished from her house by Ms. Mariam.



Madun and Anisah is best friends and their relationship is ever-growing. The only downside of this relationship is, Ms. Mariam got to enraged seeing Madun and Anisah are together.

Eric MartinosEdit

Like stated at the story section above, Martin is revealed to have a crush with Anisah. Anisah doesn't seem to like him though, due to Martin's cocky personality. Martin starts to give her gifts and their relationship start to grow in that condition. And despite Anisah did not care of Martin at all, Martin extremely cares about her.


  • Anisah seems to be the most powerful female soccer player in the whole series of Tendangan Si Madun.
    • This shares with Sophie, the most powerful female Blader in Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion.
  • She is the only female ones to be feared by Jono, the extremely cruel shaman and the stepbrother of Jack due to her stubborn personality.
    • She can beat Jono without breaking a sweat in the former episodes.