Asep is one of the major part in Team Golden Eagle. He is the third strongest in the team, after Madun and Enju.


Asep has an ordinary Indonesian people look. When shalat, he often seen wearing blue and white kopyah, a white koko clothes, and a sarung.


Asep has a caring personality for his mother and the others. Little known about his personality, but he is shown caring, kind and loyal.


Asep is one of the major part of Team Golden Eagle. He has a mother who is working at Saudi Arabia, who is said to be punished by a gallow because she is maligned to kill her own employer. Asep's practice time is often disrupted by some problems of his mother caused by Martin. However, that perception changes when his mother is found. Asep is the third strongest in the team, after Madun and Enju. He ever fights with his own best partner Enju, because Enju thinks Asep has betrayed the team by practicing with Martin's team, but after finding out this is Martin's plan, Enju befriend Asep again.


  • I miss Mother Kick
  • Mother Kick


  • Asep seems to be more cooperative with Enju than the other member of Team Golden Eagle.
  • Everything about Asep's level in the team is in the middle. He is the 3rd strongest from 5 members in the team, his height is the 3rd tallest in Team Golden Eagle.