Bruceli is the part of Team Golden Eagle. He maybe untrusted in height, but excellent in goalkeeping.


Bruceli has an ordinary Indonesian people look, but he wears long yellow suit almost everyday, except when a match.


Little known about Bruceli's personality. But, he is a very loyal and kind boy. However in Tendangan Si Madun 2, he has been shown some short-temper issues as seen he feels he is beaten by Kevin, a new goalkeeper and becomes a substitute goalkeeper. Although sometimes he has anger issues like stated above, he is kind and also brave.

He is like Gumball from Amazing World of Gumball as they both have a sensitive side and big ego, however he can be turned into a loyal, serious, and kind-hearted like Gumball.


He is the goalkeeper in Team Golden Eagle. Bruceli is seen tracking for his long-lost father. Finally he meets his stepfather, Old Bruceli. He also seen having several problems in his family, when his mother suddenly dissapears, and his stepfather and uncle always fighting each other. Despite he has some problems in his family, he always ready to help whenever a match. When thinking a problem come to his stepfather, Bruceli seems getting weaker (sorry to say this).

Tendangan Si Madun 2Edit

Bruceli still retained his occupation at Team Golden Eagle, being a goalkeeper. However, when he is replaced by Kevin, he possibly joined a new team as seen in the yesterday episode. He possess strong disliking to Madun as seen in the current episodes, due to he is changing teams.


  • Cleaver Kick


  • Bruceli is only the member of Team Golden Eagle to not change ordinary clothes (Except when a match) in one day.
  • Bruceli is the shortest major member of Team Golden Eagle. Firman is a little bit taller than him. But his goalkeeping skills are excellent.
  • Bruceli is the only character in Tendangan si Madun who make an appearence in another cinema. He appeared in one episode of Si Miskin dan Si Kaya.
  • Bruceli's personality is mimicking to somewhat [Gumball Watterson]'s personality from The Amazing World of Gumball.
    • Both has a big ego and sensitive side.
    • They sometimes can turned into a serious, loyal and kind-hearted.