The car crash that happened to Syafe'i occurs in the last episode of Season 1. It happened after Madun is caught for playing soccer in the last episode.


Mr. Udin comes to ask Syafe'i for his debts. Syafe'i tells him that he needs more time to collect more money, however Mr. Udin doesn't give an inch, because Madun wins the final match along with Team Golden Eagle. Syafe'i is saddened about this, and tells Madun that he collects money for their family, and feels his hard works are useless. Madun tries to pay the debts, but Syafe'i refuses. He then runs in the hard rain.

Without Syafe'i noticing, Mr. Udin's car runs to him, and unexpectedly crashes to him, causing Madun and Kirana to be shocked. Both Madun and Kirana runs in the hard rain, barely trying to wake Syafe'i up. The picture then goes back to Madun in the field.


  • This is the third time an accident has happened.
  • This is the event where Madun appeared to be really crying.