Enju is the one of the major parts in Team Golden Eagle and also the one of the part of Death Trident. He is very skilled at his soccer skills.


Enju has an ordinary Indonesian people look. When shalat, he wears a medium kopyah and a sarung, with red koko clothes.


Enju is an optimistic teenager and very protective to his little brothers and sisters. Little known about his personality, but he is proved to be a loyal and kind boy. Although sometimes he can be reckless and stubborn in suspecting anyone, like he does when attacking Asep and about to punch Jack in episode 24 of Tendangan Si Madun 2, neverthless, he is still a kind and powerful soccer player.


Enju is a major part of Team Golden Eagle and also one of the Death Trident. He is very skilled at his soccer skills, and he is the second strongest in the team, after Madun. Unfortunately, Enju didn't have much time to practice because he must to keep out of his little brothers and sisters. Despite this, he always ready to help whenever an emergency is spotted.


  • Death Kick
  • National Test Kick
  • Mother Kick (W/ Asep and Fatur)



Asep and Enju are best partners and they are often seen doing salto together. Asep and Enju ever fights because Enju accidently sees Asep practicing with Martin. This ignites a fight as well. However, after considering this is one of Martin's works, Enju befriend Asep again. Their relationship was extremely ever-growing.


  • He often seen defending himself against cruel team's attack and salto along with his possible best partner, Asep.
  • Enju is the tallest of Team Golden Eagle. He is also seemingly the eldest, but Madun is stronger than him.
    • Enju is also less wiser than Madun, despite he is the eldest.