Fatur is one of the antagonist at first, but he becomes a recurring character. He at first is the minor member of Martin's team, but later seen become the leader of Team Blue Dragon, East Jakarta's team.


Fatur has an ordinary Indonesian people look. When shalat, he wears a green koko clothes and a peci.


Fatur has a cocky personality at first, but after crushed several times by Martin's team and been annoyed by Rizal's team, he turned kind and joined the good side.


Fatur is the minor member of Martin's team at first. But due to he is the weakest of the team, he is seen been crushed several times by Martin. Then he is recruited by Rizal. That doesn't hold a better condition, because Fatur is annoyed by Rizal and Fatur thinks Rizal has no difference with Martin. Then after Team Magic Eagle is closed up, Fatur, Kempes, and Rifki formed a new team: Blue Dragon, East Jakarta's team. Fatur's practice time always been disrupted by several problems caused by Martin. However, with the help of Madun, he can solve these problems.


  • Mother Kick (W/ Enju and Asep)


  • His strength life is same like Kenta Yumiya from Metal Fight Beyblade, and they are also a good character.