Firman is the minor member of Team Golden Eagle. He maybe the weakest, but he is protective of his friends.


Firman has an ordinary Indonesian people look, but his skin is more black than the others.


Firman is a protective person, and he cares about others. He can be cocky and proud sometimes, but he still loyal and kind.


Firman is the minor member of Team Golden Eagle. He sometimes seen becoming a substitute goalkeeper, replacing Bruceli. Firman's parents seems not too compatible and seen always bickering each other. At a time, Firman's ankle was hurt and he can't face up against Reog Team. After cured, he is seen training Black Skin Team and was first thought to go out of Madun's team, but the perception was false. Firman is proved to be the weakest, but he is very protective and cares about his friends.



Firman has an ever-growing relationship with Jack, since they resembles each other. It is possible that Jack is Firman's best friend, since they are together most of the time. Firman is also the one who helped Jack escape, when it was first revealed that Jack is forcibly asked to do criminal things by Jono.


  • Random Kick
  • Random Kick 2
  • Serious Kick
  • Deliberate Kick
  • Black Camel Kick
  • Random Tear Kick


  • Firman is the only Team Golden Eagle's member whose the skin is black.
  • Firman and Madun were the members that have the most amount of techniques, with the amount being 6.
  • Firman has a disliking for his mother. This is seen when he is about to go to a match, his mother intercepts him and she say Firman must to follow her, but Firman proceed to escape with his father. Then when Firman severely suffered from his injuries, his mother is about to bring Firman to Surabaya, but Firman declines as he say he want to stay with his father.
  • At one instance, Firman ever saves his mother, whom he dislikes, from two enraged youths that want to take Firman's mother's purse, because Firman's mother's car crashed to the one of the youths. However, after saving his mother, Firman doesn't end his disliking to his mother.
  • Firman has a better relationship with his father, rather than his mother, whom Firman disliked.
  • He maybe the weakest of Team Golden Eagle. But, his spirit is unmatched by anyone in the team, and he cares about his friend very much.
  • Firman is the second shortest of Team Golden Eagle. Bruceli is shorter than him.
  • He is called 'Bule' in Tendangan Si Madun 2, rather than 'Firman'