Jack is one of the members of Team Golden Eagle that debuts in Tendangan Si Madun 2.


Jack has a brown skin, much like Firman. He also has an ordinary Indonesian people look, only has more curly hair, giving him appearence lot like Rud Gullit.


Jack has a caring personality for his brothers and sisters. He also good at spirits and never cares about giving up.


Jack debuts in Tendangan Si Madun 2. He lives with an extremely cruel shaman, named Jono. Everyday, he is forced to do criminal things such as stealing things, barging trough the cars. Jack becomes hated by everyone. He didn't actually meant to do it. It's unknown if he will be freed from Jon. He was finally freed from Jon when the cruel shaman was captured by the police.


  • Jack resembles Firman in many ways:
    • Both skin are black.
    • Both have curly hair in a different style.
      • It is possible that Firman is Jack's best friend, because Firman is seen with him multiple times.