Kevin is a new character in Tendangan Si Madun 2. He is a current goalkeeper in Team Golden Eagle.


Kevin is a kind person as seen he is fairly good at lecturing. He sometimes act cocky, but only to Bruceli. Mostly, he is a kind person.


Kevin is the current goalkeeper in Tendangan Si Madun 2, replacing Bruceli who is now a substitute goalkeeper. Due to this, he has a big rivalry to Bruceli. In soccer, he is a very good goalkeeper. However, he has been revealed to been catching an asthma that often distracts him when a match. Despite this, Kevin is a very good goalkeeper and even though his asthma distracts him, he still can prevent balls going to the net.


  • Despite he has a big rivalry to Bruceli, Bruceli has been shown helping him when he is disturbed by asthma.
  • He can still hold a soccer ball that goes to the net, despite the asthma always disturbing him.