Ms. Mariam is one of the antagonists in Tendangan Si Madun 2. She is one of the characters that allianced Mr. Udin.


Ms. Mariam is fierce, greedy and will never stop at anything to provoke Kirana or Syafe'i. But, she has far worse relationship with Kirana. She is also greedy about money, and always asks Mr. Udin for it. She is also, cruel. Ms. Mariam's personality also similar to Ryuga from Metal Fight Beyblade, merciless and cocky, just in more childish way.


Ms. Mariam debuts in Tendangan Si Madun 2. It was later revealed that she formerly had a crush on Syafe'i but this love is backfired due to Syafe'i married Kirana, so she is jealousy on Kirana. She hates Kirana very much, so she didn't hestitate to make Kirana upset in front of many people. Her relationship with Mr. Udin is contary to this, Ms. Mariam is extremely loyal to Mr. Udin. Her daughter Anisah is very different with her. She didn't hestitate to banish Anisah in the former episodes.



Ms. Mariam hates Kirana very much due to she has a crush to Syafe'i, however Syafe'i marries Kirana so making Ms. Mariam become jealous to Kirana. Ms. Mariam didn't hestitate to embarass her in many people. Despite this, Kirana still act nice to her. So far, their relationship are very bad.

Mr. UdinEdit

Ms. Mariam has a decent relationship with Mr. Udin due to she always asking for money, and Mr. Udin doesn't seem to like her though due to her cocky and childish personality. Despite this, Mr. Udin and Ms. Mariam has insulted Syafe'i and Kirana multiple times.


  • Ms. Mariam can be referred as the one of number 1 antagonists in Tendangan Si Madun 2. The others is Mr. Udin and Jono.