Old Bruceli is Bruceli's stepfather. He is told coming from China.


Old Bruceli seems is a Chinese people. In his debut, he wears same suit like Bruceli. Then, he starts to wear 3 striped shirt that varies in color and a brown pants.


Old Bruceli has a caring personality, and kind to Bruceli.


Old Bruceli is Bruceli's stepfather, but he is more like a real father for Bruceli. He is seen having rivalry with Uncle Hendra, and tend to fighting each other, while Old Bruceli usually lose the fight. Old Bruceli is seen giving gifts to Bruceli. Sometimes, when he and Uncle Hendra fights, Bruceli interferes the fight.


  • Old Bruceli is a Chinese people, despite his player is an Indonesian people.
  • When fighting, he usually always uses emotions rather than hearts.
  • Old Bruceli is the one out of the 4 characters in Tendangan Si Madun 1 that didn't return in Tendangan Si Madun 2.