Team Jumbo Crocodile is the team of the main antagonists. It is led by Eric Martinos.


  • Ujang
  • Zidane
  • Ronaldo


Here is the list of techniques used by Team Jumbo Crocodile.

  • Shadow Kick, used by Eric Martinos.
  • Enraged Willy Kick, used by Willy.
  • Together Kick, used by all members at a time.

Former MembersEdit

There are many former members get out of Team Jumbo Crocodile, normally because of the cocky and cruel manner of the team.

  • Kempes

But now Rizal and Fatur are forced to become the member of Team Jumbo Crocodile.


  • Claudio: The coach of Team Jumbo Crocodile. He is very clumsy. He is seen tormented by Mr. Udin. Even though like that, Mr. Udin never replace Claudio with other coach.


  • Willy is the only the member that sometimes obey the right, but he is again 'brainwashed' by Martin.