Tendangan Si Madun Novel is an Indonesian book created by Kay Arikunto. The book has been only available in Indonesia. It is based on Tendangan Si Madun Series.


(The plot in the back cover is Madun's POV)

From my childhood, I like playing football. I don't know how it starts. For me, playing soccer is just like eating. My body feels unhealthy if I don't play football. So that's why I wanted to become like Lionel Messi, a soccer player from my favorite club, Barcelona. But, can I do it?

Becoming a soccer player is not that easy. My mother cares about me and loves me very much. It is completely opposite with my father, who wants me to become a religious scholar. A very good occupation. Unfortunately, I don't want to leave my hobby playing soccer.

In the field, I meet Martin, Mr. Udin's son. Martin refers me as his biggest rival. So, we always fight every time we play football. How is my story next? What is the secret behind my father's warning to not play football?


  • The whole story is Madun's POV/self talk.
  • Syafe'i's past is revealed in Chapter 5 of this book.
  • There are several photos from the series contained in the book.