Udin Nganga is the one of the antagonist in the show. He is the richest person in the village and the father of Martin and Zaenab, and the ex-husband of Selena.


Mr. Udin has an ordinary Indonesian people look. He is often seen with a sarung and medium kopyah.


Mr. Udin has a cocky personality, due to he is the richest person in the village, just like Martin. He often taunts Syafe'i and hates on him. He also has a flirty personality, which often seen when he calls Mrs. Aisyah 'Darling'. He also always boasts everyone must obey him as the richest person in the village, even the village's chief.


Mr. Udin is the richest person in the village. He, like Martin, will do anything to win. He is seen tormenting Claudio, the clumsy Jumbo Crocodile's team coach. Mr. Udin unfolds the competition called Udinkap, which so many team cause a bone of contention. Now, Mr. Udin is having problem with Selena, his ex-wife and always trying to get away from her. When doing The Rich Person Kick, he pets his money to the soccer ball and kicks it.


  • The Rich Person Kick


  • Probably, he is more flirty than Syafe'i.
  • His player's name is same like him.
  • He is one of the person that the name is same like his player. The others is Coach Beta, Claudio, Asep and Rizal.
  • Despite his arrogance, Mr. Udin cares about Martin and Zaenab. When he almost married Mrs. Aisyah, he fainted, because Martin and Zaenab tends to escape. When Zaenab has gone missing from the house, Mr. Udin cries everyday, missing Zaenab.